Proud to say i am not materialistic, that i am independant and some what low matienance.

—Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept (via psych-facts)

More good vibes here


More good vibes here


Damien Rice - My Favourite Faded Fantasy (Album Version)

You could be my favourite taste

To touch my tongue

I know someone who could serve me love

But it wouldn’t fill me up

You could have my favourite face

And favourite name

I know someone who could play the part

But it wouldn’t be the same

No it wouldn’t be the same as with you…

You could be my favourite place

I’ve ever been

I got lost in your willingness

To dream within the dream

You could be my favourite faded fantasy

I’ve hung my happiness upon what it all could be

How I feel everyday and every night.


MAGIC! - Stupid Me

But if you love me the way i love you..

and if you don’t want me the way i want you…

and if you don’t need me the way i need you..

i’ve just got one thing to say to you…

stupid you

—(via silllhouette)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Maybe one day

—F. Scott Fitzgerald (via pinchnopinch)

So true. I will never love someone the way I love you




The most horrific thing about getting close to someone is the thought that at any point, they could lose complete interest in you


Maybe - Emeli Sande

Talked to him yesterday…
I told him how I was craving the vegan spaghetti that he would cook…
What I didn’t tell him was how much I miss the way he smelled after cooking it while we cuddled in his bed.. and how much I miss that tan oversized tshirt he would wear and how there was always a bit of sauce around his mouth..
I told him I’d rather be nobody to him than someone he used to love..
The heartbreak over took me yesterday as if it had happened just a few weeks ago rather than 4 months..
I just miss him so much.
But I have to accept the truth.